Autopsy reports and summaries are available only to Next-Of-Kin, investigating law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and attorneys. Autopsy reports and summaries are considered expert opinions and thus do not fall under the category of public record. (LRS 13:3715.1)


Autopsy summaries are provided to next-of-kin upon request for no charge. Summaries contain demographic information about the decedent; date, time and place of death; date, time of autopsy; medical findings of the autopsy; cause and manner of death; and toxicology results (not quantifications).


Complete autopsy reports contain the above plus the pathologist's dictation, organ dissections, and full toxicology report including quantifications.


Autopsy reports for the next-of-kin are provided at no cost, and are stamped, "PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not intended for legal and/or insurance purposes."


Autopsy reports for insurance companies and attorneys are provided at a cost of $125, payable by cashier's check, money order, or cash, and are stamped, "COPY"